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      At S&S, we understand the unique requirements of successful performance in the maintenance industry.  Our technicians are specially trained and equipped to meet these needs.  Beyond this proficiency, our technicians understand the significance of promptness, professionalism, and quality workmanship.  They are trained and required to record time-in and time-out with accuracy and accountability, acquire client confirmation of documents, communicate in a timely manner, and take photographs when necessary.

      We recognize not only the importance of professionalism but also the necessity of a rapid response; we pride ourselves upon our ability to respond to any maintenance request within 48 hours and to any emergency need within 2 hours.  Whether your need is a minute problem or a project requiring several technicians over a period of time, S&S will abide by its guarantee and rapidly provide you with qualified maintenance technicians prepared to serve your needs.  We are committed to the growth and continuity of our valued business-client relationships.

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